BRENDAN WITCHER – Optimizing The Consumer Experience

Customers use multiple devices and channels interchangeably, switching from desktop to tablet to mobile on their journey to purchase, before potentially purchasing online, in store or by phone. Customers don’t see these as different channels, they only see the brand and the experience. Unfortunately, most retailers are offering these services with the experience being far from optimized, and many times completely failing to meet customer expectations. In addition, they are not leveraging technologies in ways that can help with the ROI of investments in omnichannel offerings.

In this presentation, we’ll examine what retailer and customer rates of adoption are for omnichannel fulfillment (including mPOS, endless aisle, buy/reserve online for in-store pickup, ship to store, and even ship from store), what customer expectations are today with these fulfillment offerings, how to optimize cross-channel experience, how to manage in-store operations, and sharing what works best in driving revenues and experience in an omnichannel world.

Brendan is a leading expert on eCommerce business, consumer behavior, and technology trends in the digital engagement space. He is also a noted authority on technology developments that affect both online and offline commerce industries, as well as vendors that help facilitate delivery of today’s leading strategies and tactics in digital excellence.

Posted November 10, 2015 in: by Mitch Rudolph

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