MEDIA WALL: From Omni-Channel To On-My-Channel (Customer Driven Marketing)

Consumers are tuning out to marketing more than ever online, and yet if you allow them to “tune in” to the products, brands, and categories on your site and let them self-personalize the information they want, you now can drive consumers back to your site 5x to 10x more often and get real-time customer driven demand based on the things they are going to purchase in the future (pre-commerce), not just guessing based on what they’ve bought in the past.

See how other major companies like Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, World Markets, are capturing millions a day in previously lost revenue, along with getting customer engagement that drives demand planning in ways you could only dream of in the past.

This presentation will take place at the media wall located in the expo.

Posted April 18, 2016 in: by Jennifer Jasinski

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