Rob Biederman

Rob Biederman is the co-founder and CEO of HourlyNerd, the leading technology platform delivering elite business talent. Founded with the collaboration of faculty members at Harvard Business School in 2013, HourlyNerd boasts more than 20,000 independent experts, including elite business advisors and industry experts from leading corporations, and serves more than 5,000 companies. Based in Boston, HourlyNerd focuses on innovative workforce solutions with primarily Fortune 500 companies including GE, Microsoft, Hess and Staples, as well as many of the Fortune 1000. Prior to founding HourlyNerd, Biederman was a private equity investor at Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, where he focused on the healthcare and high-tech industries. Biederman attended Princeton University and graduated from Harvard Business School.

Posted March 11, 2016 in: by Jennifer Jasinski

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