Eric Kauss

Over the last 30 years Eric Kauss has developed a concise understanding of both the retail and wholesale landscape and how it relates to the ecommerce platform. As the current President of Sportsman’s Supply he oversees a broad range of fulfillment processes for large and small ecommerce partners as well as distribution into warehouse environments. Eric ran his own wholesale sporting goods company for over 15 years gaining valuable knowledge into how the ongoing changes in retail and wholesale impact the Omnichannel. Moving on to an opportunity at Amazon, he oversaw exponential growth in their Retail Sports Division and fine-tuned his knowledge unique to maximizing ecommerce and merged this experience with his wholesale background to give him unique insights into the what is needed in today’s ecommerce environment. Eric currently resides in St. Louis, MO and in his down time can always be found at the nearest golf course.

Posted March 23, 2016 in: by Jennifer Jasinski

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